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Dr. Anh-Tu Vu is a licensed chiropractor with a holistic practice in downtown San Carlos, California. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of the Pacific and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the heralded Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in San Jose, California. She adopts a caring, attentive, and skillful chiropractic approach that centers on holistic health. Dr. Vu is experienced in treating moderate to severe back pain especially now with patients who are currently working from home and/or pre/postnatal patients who going into 3rd trimester or nursing, extremities (e.g. – wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee, and ankle pain), and athletic injuries. She is also well-versed in adjusting muscles, joints, and ligaments using Diversified (manual) techniques or more gentler technique using Impulse Adjusting Instrument. With an increase in the numbers of her patients working from home and distance learning, she provides ergonomic advice, too. She goes above and beyond to ensure her patients reach their maximum state of health by setting individual programs for each patient and tracking their progress. In addition, she uses research-based, state of the art healing techniques that utilize the latest technology to maximize her patent’s recovery – this includes tools such as the Myofascial Releaser (scar tissue tool) and Impulse Adjusting Instrument (for a gentler adjustment). She also pursues continual education by regularly attending professional seminars; she has earned various professional certificates in Neuromechanical Innovations. Dr. Vu believes it is important to stay updated on the newest, most innovative research; her methods have potential to yield life-changing results for patients.

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How important is health to you? Health is not only about taking care of pain. It is about understanding and learning that your body need to have the best quality of life through chiropractic care, healthy diet, exercise, and low stress levels.

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